photo of Matthew O'Shea

Matthew O'Shea

Matthew O’Shea is the President of Matthew O’Shea Consulting, Inc. In 1994, Matthew started his public service career with State Representative Dan Rutherford and then worked for State Representative James Durkin and Senator Thomas Walsh from 1995 through 2000. While working for Representative Durkin and Walsh, Matt attended John Marshall Law School and completed his Juris Doctor in 2000. After leaving Representative Durkin and Senator Walsh, he served as the Village Administrator for the Village of Forest Park located in the western suburbs of Cook County. While serving as Village Administrator, Matt was also appointed to the Senate to fill out the remaining term of Senator Tom Walsh for the 22nd Legislative District.

As State Senator, Matt was able to learn and experience the legislative process from an elected official standpoint. In 2004, Matt joined House Republican Minority Leader Tom Cross as Deputy Chief and Ethics Officer before coming Chief of Staff. In his role as Chief of Staff, he dealt with all four legislative caucuses including participating in several high level leadership meetings. His role as Chief of Staff allowed him to deal with many important issues facing the legislature such as pensions, capital funding, energy, local government, budget, Medicaid and redistricting.

Matt has knowledge and experience working with many regulatory issues including those before Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Matt has spent time working on many political elections at all levels of state government.

photo of Sarah Kuhn

Sarah Kuhn

Sarah Kuhn is Vice President of Matthew O'Shea Consulting, Inc. She has been involved in government work since about 2004 when she started working for the Illinois House of Representatives. During her time with the House of Representatives, she collaborated with different state agencies and units of local government.

Upon graduating college in 2008, Sarah went on to work in the Government Affairs department at Pace Suburban Bus, which provides service to Northeastern Illinois' six largest counties, including 284 municipalities. There she worked with the legislature to ensure Pace received the money from the state that kept the budget balanced. Sarah helped to introduce and pass legislation for Pace at both the legislative and executive levels. During her time at Pace, Sarah was able to develop and maintain strong relationships within the General Assembly.

Sarah has a Masters degree from DePaul University in Public Service and has also spent time working on political elections at the local and state level.